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What is Students for Science?

Pre-K to 8th Grade
We believe that any age can appreciate and enjoy the sciences. For these young students we bring in research grade microscopes to the classrooms to show them the "micro-world." We use a video camera to project the images on the computer screen, so they do not have difficulty seeing the micro-organisms. We have them discuss what they see and think critically about their observations. We challenge the students to think about new questions they may have and never underestimate their ability to learn. Our visit lasts about 1 hour and should be scheduled at least one month in advance.

9th-12th Grade
For the older students we focus on careers in science with an emphasis on scientist and physician career paths. We provide real-world research examples of how research is conducted and how scientific advances are made. We use research cell biology videos made at Emory and elsewhere to describe what the major scientific questions are and how they are answered. We challenge the students to devise their own questions and think critically about how these questions could be answered. Our visit lasts between 1-2 hours and should be scheduled at least one month in advance